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Yorkshire Terrier Breeder, Hoedspruit

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History of the Breed:

Unlike the pampered dog we know today, the Yorkshire Terrier's origins were quite humble. A man-made breed, it was created to chase rats and vermin in the coal mines and textile mills in the Yorkshire section of England.

There is some controversy on the Yorkshire's ancestory. Most believe that it is comprised of the Black and Tan Terrier, the Clydesale or Paisley Terrier, the Skye Terrier, the Maltese and the Dandie Dinmont. The first Yorkshire Terriers were much larger and heartier dogs than the tiny statues of today, weighing as much as 15 pounds. Records show that within 20 years, the breed had been dwarfed to as little as 2 3/4 pounds.

The Yorkshire Terrier made it's first public appearance in 1861 at the Leeds show in England under the name "Scotch Terrier". It would not recieve the title "Yorkshire Terrier" until 1886 when it was recognized by the British Kennel Club.

In the late Victorian era, the Yorkshire became a fashionable pet for the ladies of aristocracy and wealthy families. A distinctive type had emerged by this time, one of the most notable being Huddersfield Ben (picture in background). He was born in 1865, owned by Mrs. M.A. Foster and bred by Mr. W. Eastwood of Huddersfield, England. Huddersfield Ben is known to be one of the most influential sires of the Yorkshire Terrier breed.

The Yorkshire Terrier breed was introduced to the United States about 1880 and from there the rest is history!

Boarding Kennels, Hoedspruit

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Must Love Dogs Yorkie Breeding Kennels:

Must Love Dogs Hoedspruit is situated on a citrus farm close to Hoedspruit. Our yorkies are "free range" living life like kings in our four hectare yard. We are registered with Canine SA (breeder registration no. 1743) and SACBR (kennel no. YT545/2014).

All our yorkies are home pets who receive lots of love and attention and the best nutrition possible. Our puppies are all raised in our home, making them socialally very well adjusted towards other animals and children.

We breed only exotic coloured yorkies - chocolate brown, biewer terrier, biro terrier and ADDA (ocean pearl), ranging in standard to as small as teacup size. Our puppies only leave their moms at 10 weeks, they are then registered, dewormed and vaccinated before they are re-homed. We only breed with a small amount of dogs so our litters are limited, therefore book your puppy in advance to avoid disappointment!

For your convenience, transport to Pretoria can be arranged.

Contact details:
Anri Smit
Tel: 083 843 0331

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