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Hoedspruit Paws
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Hoedspruit Paws was started by Jennifer Gorrie and Keli Stanissis, who would like this to become a community project, for everyone to get involved in – the stray cats and pets of Hoedspruit and surrounding areas need to be spayed, fed and cared for.

Paws goal is to get as many of the pets and stray cats in the area spayed through a spay and neuter programme for those who can’t afford it as well as to cut down the litters of puppies and kittens that are needing to be homed and fed. We would also like all cats that have been spayed and neutered to get their left ears docked for easy identification so that the count would be easier to do.

The long term goal is too eventually get at least 10 kennels where we can house dogs and cats until foster or forever homes can be found.

As we work with SPCA in Phalaborwa as well as Pro-Life in Nelspruit all funds raised will be used for food and medical care of the animals we send through to them as well as to start a fund for the people who can’t afford to get their pets spayed and neutered so we can start curbing the problem of unwanted puppies and kittens.

We are in desperate need for foster homes as we are receiving calls about pregnant animals and we will need homes for the puppies and kittens until they can be placed in a forever home.

Animals didn’t ask to be here and pet owners must please be responsible and not give their pets away to workers etc...
Everyone one loves a cute puppy but yes they do grow old every pet deserves a forever home & needs to be loved & cared for properly.